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@ -10,11 +10,20 @@ The idea behind presseclub is to share paywalled articles with your friends.
- Every route behind `/lies/*` is downloaded through SingleFile with a headless Chromium and the supplied cookies
- Presseclub saves the file locally and makes the cache available at the very same URL
Before and after:
![Screenshot of a page before and after it went through presseclub](doc/screenshot.jpg)
### Legal disclaimer
We have no idea if this is legal. (It's probably not).
It's fun though and you should set it up for your friends.
### Ethical disclaimer
You *should* pay for journalism. This is *not* about defeating paywalls on a large scale.
This is for your circle of dear friends.
### Technical disclaimer
*DO NOT* export your complete cookie store for presseclub. The best way to retrieve the cookies you need for a specific paywalled site is to:

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