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" Mostly 'inspired' by @bovine3dom's tridactylrc
alias tabsort jsb browser.tabs.query({}).then(tabs => tabs.sort((t1, t2) => t1.url.localeCompare(t2.url)).forEach((tab, index) => browser.tabs.move(tab.id, {index})))
alias tabuniq jsb browser.tabs.query({}).then(tabs => browser.tabs.remove(tabs.filter((tab, index) => tabs.slice(index + 1).find(t => t.url == tab.url)).map(tab => tab.id)))
set tabopencontaineraware true
bind V js tri.native.run(`mpv --ontop --keepaspect-window --profile=protocol.http '${document.location.href}'`)
set newtab about:blank
" Keep GitLab et al from binding quickfind to /
unbind <C-f>
bind / fillcmdline find
bind ? fillcmdline find -?
bind n findnext 1
bind N findnext -1
bind ,<Space> nohlsearch
bind co tabonly
" Comment toggler for Reddit and Hacker News
bind ;c hint -c [class*="expand"],[class="togg"]
" Git{Hub,Lab} git clone via SSH yank
bind yg composite js "git clone " + document.location.href.replace(/https?:\/\//,"git@").replace("/",":").replace(/$/,".git") | clipboard yank
" Only hint search results on Google and DDG
bindurl www.google.com f hint -Jc .rc > .r > a
bindurl www.google.com F hint -Jbc .rc>.r>a
bindurl ^https://duckduckgo.com f hint -Jc [class=result__a]
bindurl ^https://duckduckgo.com F hint -Jbc [class=result__a]
" Allow Ctrl-a to select all in the commandline
unbind --mode=ex <C-a>
" Allow Ctrl-c to copy in the commandline
unbind --mode=ex <C-c>
" Handy multiwindow/multitasking binds
bind gd tabdetach
bind gD composite tabduplicate | tabdetach
" Make yy use canonical / short links on the 5 websites that support them
bind yy clipboard yankshort
" Stupid workaround to let hint -; be used with composite which steals semi-colons
command hint_focus hint -;
set editorcmd em -c
" Sane hinting mode
set hintfiltermode vimperator-reflow
set hintnames numeric
" Defaults to 300ms but I'm a 'move fast and close the wrong tabs' kinda chap
set hintdelay 100
" vim: set filetype=tridactyl